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Ziegler Harvesting's Product Range


 An ISO-certified manufacturer, ZIEGLER offers only the highest quality equipment made in Germany. Use of state-of-the-art technology & equipment in all plants ensures the best end result. Products are tailored to customer needs, and the impressive range includes Corn Headers (fixed & foldable), Rapeseed Header Extensions,  Side Knives & Kits, Pick-up Systems, Dosing Technology and Silage Preservation.





Dual Axle Trailer

For the transport of all header extensions with a working width from 5.5 up to 12.7 meters.


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Single Axle Trailer

Single axle for the transport of all header extensions with a working width from 3.6 up to 7.7 meters.


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For the transport of all header extensions with a working width from 6.7 up to 12.7 meters.


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Tandem Axle Trailer

There are boogie trailers for grain headers with a working width of between 7.6 metres and 9.15 metres.


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Rapeseed Side Knives & Kits


The rapeseed side knives are designed in order to convert the grain cutting system for rapeseed harvesting. These are available für all common harvester types with the cutting system´s work width of 3.6 m up to 12.5 m.


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Rapeseed Header Extension


Being world market leader in the sector rapeseed harvesting, Ziegler-Harvesting offers a versatile technology relating to rapeseed harvesting. With its rapeseed header extensions, Ziegler places importance on individuality and offers the market’s greatest model choice for cutting systems with a work width of 3.60 to up to 9.3 meters. Ziegler-Harvesting offers the greatest product variety of rapeseed header extensions on the market and provides efficient complete solutions for rapeseed harvesting.


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Corn Header "Corn Champion" Foldable & Fixed


Corn headers made by Ziegler combine functionality, light weight and stability. Due to its easy operation, an excellent and trouble-free performance of the machine during the harvesting can be guaranteed, even under difficult harvesting circumstances.


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The pick-up makes possible the pick-up of nearly all crops. Especially in difficult fruits as for example rape, grass seed, peas, beans and lenses the pickup shows truck his unusual efficiency.


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Silage Preservation


A robust high-pressure pump with an automatic overload system


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Dosing Technology


Self-priming pump with shaft-less magnetic drive


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