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ECHO chain saws are built to last. Since our first saw in 1963 we have been innovating and improving. The lineup now extends to 73.5cc with the inclusion of the CS-7310SX. The new CS-4010 is a farmers’ saw that’s a cut above the competition. With a 0.45 power-to-weight ratio and packed with professional grade features, it sets a new standard for all-round, petrol saws. Features to maximise your efficiency include vibration-reduction systems, automatic oilers, inertia chain brakes, electronic management systems and our patented technology, ‘G-Force’ which greatly reduces the need for engine maintenance. Whether you’re cutting, pruning or felling, ECHO has a chain saw you can depend on.


ECHO hedge trimmers are designed to be durable, lightweight and well balanced. With lightweight gear cases, long-lasting blades and vibration-reducing engine mounts, you get professional performance with maximum comfort. At ECHO we focus on maximizing comfort and performance, gradually adjusting every aspect for the best possible experience. By raising our hedge trimmer handles by five degrees, we found the optimal position, reducing hand contact with hedges and giving unhindered maneuverability while you work. We pride ourselves on the careful dedication to small details that make your work more comfortable and efficient.


ECHO developed the first backpack blower, the first handheld blower and the first “quiet” blower.
Dedicated to enhancing performance and comfort, our antivibration technology minimises vibration
and sway, drastically reducing operator fatigue and making our blowers a breeze to use. So if you’re
looking for an industry leading blower, ECHO has the product for you.


From green space maintenance to the taming of dense wilderness, ECHO trimmers and brushcutters perform flawlessly. High torque gear cases allow you to power through thick brush and tall grass in one pass. We’ve been gradually improving vibration reduction and ergonomics on our trimmers for decades, so you can work faster and get jobs done more efficiently.


You already know that battery tools offer low noise, zero emissions and less maintenance, but what if they could also rival the power of your professional petrol tools? Meet the Professional Battery Series, ECHO’s
premium battery line-up, built for professionals and powered by the ECHO 56v eFORCE lithium-ion battery.

The 56 eFORCE battery utilises the very latest in lithium-ion technology to bring you more energy, more versatility and longer run times. This means you receive the power you need no matter how heavy the
workload. Both the 2.5Ah and 5Ah batteries are compatible across the entire range of tools (DCS-2500T is only compatible with the 2.5Ah battery). The 2.5Ah battery is light weight and ergonomic whilst the 5Ah
battery gives you extended run time. Advanced lithium-ion technology means you get full power until the battery is completely depleted.


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