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The ZIEGLER pick-up system enables the swath harvesting of nearly all crops with nine rows of collecting belts each equipped with 36 springs. The pick-up system shows its extraordinary efficiency especially in difficult crops, e.g. rape, grass seed, peas, beans, and lentils.  The systems is controlled hydraulically and has its own hydraulic system.


  • Collection conveyors, hydraulically controlled with safety valves
  • Each band is equipped with 36 springs, divided into 9 rows
  • Direct control possible from the cabin
  • Auger fitted with a series of disc clutches
  • Freely adjustable height of the two support wheels 
  • If combine has mechanic reel control, hydraulic pump and tank available
  • Fits all common combines due to interchangeable frames
  • Picks up crops lying close to the ground
  • Stones and soil stay on the field
  • High performance due to high working speed and no interruption of the harvest by stopping and reversing the combine


  • Hydraulically adjustable swath down-holder
  • NEW: performance enhancements
    • Improved ground following
    • Up to 4 km/h higher speed
    • Smoother running machine
    • Less abrasion at the front of the pick-up system

Pick-up 300 400 500
Opening width, cm 300 400 500
Rows 6 8 10
Overall width, cm 355 465 556
Overall height, cm 140 140 140
Overall depth, cm 195 195 195
Weight, kg 860 1190 1550
Auger diameter, cm 61 61 61
Auger fingers 16-30 16-32 16-36
Auger speed max. 200U/min 200U/min 200U/min


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