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Rapeseed side knives are designed to convert a grain cutting system for rapeseed harvesting. These are available for all common harvester types with the working widths of 3.6 m up to 12.5 m and are laterally mounted on the cutting system. The knives separate intertwined branches of the rapeseed plant creating less shaking of the plant and therefore reducing harvesting losses significantly. Rapeseed knives can be driven either electrically or hydraulically depending on the cutting system.

The rapeseed kit is a complete solution for all popular cutting system types and consists of rapeseed side knives, suitable cable sets and fitting brackets.


  • A powerful special double knife system with 105mm long blades
  • 2 alternative drive motors: electric or hydraulic
  • Low downtime losses due to fast and precise cutting performance
  • No joint edges on guides and screw heads
  • Cutting height of 1.35 meters
  • Centrally-located knives
  • Blade protection for times when it is not in use


  • Electric kit (1 kit is required per side knife)
  • Complete hydraulic kit
  • Mounting brackets
  • Fixation set

Side knife type Side Power Watt/Ampere Blade length cm L*W*H cm
RT 135-E / 12 (electric) right, left 12V 400/25 10.5 165*21*27
RT 135-E / 24 (electric) right, left 24V 750/40 10.5 165*21*27
RT 135-HY (hydraulic) right, left - - 10.5 150*14*41


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