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Developed for farmers and agricultural contractors who prefer to have row-independence when harvesting sunflowers, the sunflower header “Sunflower Champion” Row free ® is now available and has substantial advantages over row-dependent cutting systems. Thanks to its special design features, the sunflower header can harvest independently of the direction of the seeding row and the rounded point prevents the shaking of harvested material achieving lower harvest losses.


The screw conveyor is of single-piece construction — which offers maximum flow speed of the material into the feed channel of the harvesting machine even under the most unfavourable harvesting conditions. The screw is protected by a coupling that limits the torque to the screw upon contact with stones or other foreign bodies and protects all turning parts against overloading. The simple construction of the sunflower header reduces wear and tear and lowers maintenance costs significantly. 

  • Row Independent
  • Schumacher Cutting System
  • One-Piece Intake-Auger
  • All turning parts are safeguarded based on a security-slipping-clutch on the auger
  • Drive Shaft made out of high quality steel
  • Entirely mechanical connection
  • Reel and Intake-Auger are powered based on a double chain-drive; the knife is powered – as on headers usual – based on a pulley drive
  • Adaptable to every combine type
  • The extremely low weight means lower fuel consumption and protection for the soil 
  • Minor maintenance and service costs
  • Harvesting Speeds up to 13kph possible

  SC600 SC740 SC 940
Working width, mm 6000 7350 9400
Depth, mm 2300 2300 2300
Height, mm 1100 1100 1100
Weight, kg 1900 2300 2900
Combine power, HP ab 250 ab 300 ab 350
Cutting height, mm 400-1500 400-1500 400-1500
Peaklength, mm 1230 1230 1230
Peakwidth, mm 160 160 160



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