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The Cambridge roller is the perfect field roller with well-proven performance and folds hydraulically. Perfect for re-consolidating loose farmland and shredding large soil clods, the roller improves soil structure, reduces soil erosion and can also improve the emergence of seed and the moisture content of the soil which can reduce snail infestation. Great for use in the spring for grain stocks to restore soil closure after freezing in the winter.

An optional flex grader is available.


  • Independently working rollers, optimal ground contact
  • Better seed-soil-contact and higher moisture content of soil
  • Available in working widths 4, 4,5, 6,2 und 8 m
  • All working widths with 3-part roller, whose elements work completely independently from each other – perfect soil contact
  • Generous overlap of the roller elements to guarantee a complete cultivation of the surface
  • High quality frame
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • All components spheroidal graphite iron GGG50 Roller wheels 11.5/80-15.3

Working width HP needed Weight
3.0 meters min. 65 HP 1.200 kg
4.5 meters min. 75 HP 2.200 kg
6.2 meters min. 85 HP 2.900 kg
8.0 meters min. 115 HP 3.950 kg


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