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Whether its the 13.5hp, 19hp or 21hp engine, the SXG216, SXG323 or SXG326 has ample power with the shaft driven deck to cut and collect even in wet conditions. It is designed with the straightest path to the collector to avoid any clogging up. Collectors range from low to high tip to suit your needs.


The TG is the most advanced tractor in the ISEKI range, ideal for high specification aeration and turf maintenance on sports pitches with 36-65hp engines. The TG can also be used in farming for easy access to cowsheds and other areas where space is limited, due to its compact size and with all the accessories and options of the higher specification agricultural tractors.


The premium economy range of tractors, featuring high horse power and simple controls, making them excellent value for money. TLE tractors can be used for a wide range of applications, from smallholders to sport pitches, where budgets might be tight but you don’t want to compromise on quality.


A mid range tractor where lightweight machinery is required but high horse power and exceptional lift capacity cannot be compromised. Ideal for large sports pitches, but the compact dimensions also make it perfect where manoeuvrability is essential for daily tasks, such as in cattle sheds and greenhouses.


The TM Range of tractors are ideally suited to gardens, schools and small sports turf areas like tennis courts as it is very lightweight, compact and highly manoeuvrable in tight areas. Its light footprint is also an advantage for maintaining artificial turf. 


The ultimate compact multipurpose tractor, the TXGS can be used in a huge range of applications where a small multi-use sub compact tractor is required. The uses for the TXGS tractor are limitless, with its 3 point linkage, mid and rear PTOs, optional mower decks and front loader.


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