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The DX4 equipment is designed for anyone looking for a simple vehicle with which to carry out any job comfortably. Fitted as standard with a large and versatile cargo box that allows you to carry everything you need for your working day.

DX4 EPS is synonymous with power and manoeuvrability. The EPS electric steering enhances the vehicle’s steering feel by adding grip and control. The result is a comfortable 4×4 that’s just perfect for getting around large estates or trails.

The new PRO EPS is all you need for your day-to-day work for any type of work.Adds extra comfort and protectionfrom weather elements such as wind and rain by including front and rear windscreens standard. Maximize storage capacity with under-seat drawers.

The CAB equipment adds rigid, full-length doors to your TERRAIN to protect you from adverse weather conditions. The result is a spacious and comfortable cabin, fitted with heating to provide you with maximum comfort during your working day.

The DX4 CAB CLIMA is the most equipped version of the TERRAIN range, and is specially designed to work hard in extreme conditions. Perform the toughest work under any conditions, thanks to the air conditioning and heating system.

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