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R302 Cylinder Mower

Improved R302

Roberine has been the brand for the management of sports fields, parks and public greenery since 1951. With the renewed Roberine 302 series, the R302 has undergone a serious modernization to perfect the comfort and ease of use and, of course, to serve the environment. As a result, you will always mow at the highest level with Roberine.

Stage 5 engine

With the new Stage 5 engine, you comply with the latest emission regulations. Due to the possibility to drive and mow automotive in ECO mode, it lowers the Diesel speed. As a result, you have less fuel consumption and emissions, and the engine makes less noise. Good for the environment, more comfort for the driver.

In the development of the R302, our engineers used the latest insights in drive and engine technology. The automotive drive, in combination with 4WD, not only ensures a lot of ease of use but also maximum grip on any surface. The robust rear axle is terrain-following, and that means a lot of stability. By using cruise control with memory function, you can mow as efficiently as possible.

The Roberine cylinder mower is a genuine all-rounder

The R302 has  special cutting cylinders with the optimal design for a perfect mowing pattern. The Roberine R302 can be used universally: from park to sports field, from the roadside to the waterfront. As a result, the machine has a short payback time.

Advantages of the R302:

  • Renewed stage 5 engine;
  • Automotive driving with ECO mode;
  • Significantly improved driving characteristics;
  • Command arm with LCD display;
  • Cruise control with memory function;

R5 Cylinder mower

Roberine 5-series

Roberine is proud to introduce the 5-series, including the F5 flail mower and the R5 reel mower. These machines are the result of many years of experience in design and development of mowing machines. In addition, the most advanced technology has been used, not only in terms of engine and drive engineering, but also in terms of mowing technology.

Unrivalled mowing results

The Roberine F5 features a robust flail with the ideal design for achieving a perfect cutting pattern. The Roberine R5 is equipped with top-quality Jumbo cages. Both machines can be used in a range of settings, from parks to sports grounds.


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