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  • Automates the collecting of golf balls at driving ranges
  • Minimal human intervention required, generating significant savings
  • Staff can be redeployed to other tasks and activities
  • Protects personnel from injury
  • Driving range opening hours are no longer impacted by ball collection


No Hassle Setup – AMS technicians will come out and deal with all aspects of the installation and leave you with a fully commissioned and operating solution.

Remote Controlled - The autonomous ball collector can be programmed via your smartphone. You can send requests to stop/start ball collections via the Belrobotics App. The robot will also send you an alert if there are any malfunctions.

Weather-proof – Ball Picker is made of robust materials and can continue to collect in reasonable weather conditions 

Autonomous Ball Collection - The Ballpicker ensures a constant supply for facilities. During peak times when the range is very busy, Ball Picker can be programmed to focus on high-density areas, collecting the rest of the balls during the night or on a quieter day.

Malfunction Alert - The exclusive Belrobotics App immediately sends an alert message to warn the owner of any operating error. Via the Belrobotics App and Web Portal, you can view the history and manage your robot, or even a whole fleet of robots.

Theft Alert - If a suspicious removal from the collection area is detected, the user is sent an alert via the Belrobotics App and the robot's position is tracked via GPS. The autonomous mower also has the option to set up a secret code to prevent its use by unauthorised persons.

Ball Protection - The BallPicker doesn't embed the balls in the ground, so they remain easily retrievable. This saves the club thousands of balls per year, which would otherwise have been buried under the driving range.

Very Quiet - Unlike traditional ball collectors that produce significant noise pollution, the Ballpicker is very quiet. Inaudible from just a few metres away, it can work 24/7 without the slightest disturbance to golfers or local residents.

Eco Friendly - The BallPicker is powered by electricity and has similar power consumption to a refrigerator. That robot ball collector emits no exhaust fumes or odours; its CO2 emissions levels are 10 times less than traditional petrol-powered machines. 

Sense of Direction - A GPS signal gives the shortest route back to the ball unloading/battery charging station. Thus reducing the return time to base, resulting in productivity gains of approximately 15%.

Capacity - The BallPicker is equipped with a 300-ball container. When the container is full, the Ballpicker returns to base to unload its balls and if needed to charge its batteries. In a few seconds, the balls are emptied into the retrieval ditch for washing and transportation back to the ball dispenser.

Multizone programming - The BallPicker can also be programmed in multizone mode. At peak times, it concentrates exclusively on the area where most balls land. This high concentration of balls favours the efficiency of the BallPicker and allows it to pick up a large number of balls quickly and supply enough balls to the range.

Safe In All Positions - Thanks to its integrated sensor technology, obstacles and larger objects are automatically detected on contact and avoided. 

Fully Charged – The robot ball collector is powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and has an energy density that is three times higher than classic batteries. These batteries supply a higher power and have a charge time of between 50 & 90 minutes.

Belrobotics App - Stay Connected

Get automated ball collection at your fingertips with the Belrobotics App and Web Portal. Check the performance of your BallPicker wherever you are from your smartphone. Monitor live status updates, battery levels and their performance over the last five days. Get an easy overview of activities, parameters and schedules. Send any commands and get instant confirmation. Check robot GPS location with associated alarms position. Search, sort, filter and group to compare all robot in your fleet.

  • Max. collection area: 30.000m2
  • Pick-up width: 950 mm
  • Ball pick-up capacity (max.): 300
  • Efficiency: 13 Collecting Discs
  • Speed: 3.6 km/h
  • Battery type: LIFePo4
  • Standard battery capacity: 15 Ah
  • Battery voltage: 26.4 V
  • Charging time: 75 min
  • Average annual consumption: 540 kWh
  • Anti-theft security feature: Yes
  • Max. noise: 65dB
  • Track & Trace + SMS: Included
  • Weight (kg): 70 kg
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 115x128x50
  • Standard max. slope: 30%
  • Sonar: 4
  • Multizone: Yes
  • Obstacle sonar: Yes
  • Fleet management system: Yes


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