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25 years of research, innovation and lush, green lawns have made Husqvarna Automower® the world leader in robotic mowing. We’ve sold more than 2 million around the world – and our latest generation is the most advanced on the market. Designed for functionality and durability, they work quietly, efficiently and autonomously to give you a better finish than any other mower. Day and night, whatever the weather, Husqvarna Automower® gets on with the job. Leaving you to focus on more important and fun tasks, and enjoy a beautiful, perfectly cut lawn everyday.


The principal function of the Husqvarna Automower® provides the service of a well cut lawn, not just a lawn mower. Things like horsepower, cutting width and technical details become less important with a Husqvarna Automower® that cuts your lawn day in, and day out.


The 100 Series is designed for domestic use on smaller flat lawns. Just like the larger models, the 100 series delivers excellent cutting results. 300 Series robotic mowers are ideal for small to mid-sized lawns with some complexity and slopes. Additional 300 series features include weather timer which adjusts the mowing frequency to match the grass growth rate and automatic passage handling for reliable navigation of narrow areas. For complex areas and for maximum control choose the Automower® 315X.

Ideal for applications including:

  • Small to medium lawns
  • Areas with some complexity
  • Slopes up to 40% (300 series)
  • Passages (300 series)
  • Multiple machines per installation
  • Night time mowing


400 Series robotic mowers offer the highest cutting capacities, the lowest noise levels and the most advanced features. They can handle small to large uneven, very complex lawns with ease. Additional 400 series features include, excellent terrain performance for uneven areas, Ultrasilent drive motors for no disturbance, up to 70% (35°) slope capabilities and electric height adjustment. The X-Line models feature added intelligence including GPS assisted navigation for efficient lawn coverage in complex areas.

Ideal for applications including:

  • Medium to large lawns
  • Complex areas with obstacles
  • Multiple areas
  • Slopes up to 70% (35°)
  • Narrow passages
  • Multiple machines per installation
  • Night time mowing


Stay in complete control of your robotic mower, wherever you are, in the most convenient way. Thanks to the dedicated Automower® Connect app, you have the possibility of remote controlling your mower or steer it with voice commands through smart home equipment like Amazon Alexa. You can just as easily integrate it with your GARDENA smart system for irrigation control and sync schedules for irrigation and mowing. Simple, automated, intuitive – and with perfect results, every time.


Installation kits, spare parts and accessories

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