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Our premium Hayter® Lithium-ion 60V Battery range features the highest quality battery-operated mowers that offer no engine exhaust emissions, reduced operational noise and an on-board power meter for the easy recognition of remaining battery power. This intelligent system is simple to operate and a smarter way of mowing. Our revolutionary battery models boast a unique Power-Boost feature, allowing the mowers power to adjust to grass length and cutting conditions for a seamless and enjoyable mowing experience. Discover our Hawk cordless battery lawnmower that allows effortless cutting and maximum control with a lightweight cordless design and our Harrier® cordless range, which is the first battery powered mower with an integrated rear roller in the market, enabling creation of enviable and precise stripes.

The 60V battery is compatible with several applications including the Toro® String Trimmer and Toro Hedge Cutter so you can switch between gardening tools with ease and craft an exceptional garden space.

Browse our matchless range of battery-operated mowers today and discover a new level of lawn mowing efficiency.


Our innovative range of push and self-propelled petrol lawnmowers have been designed with the highest level of British craftmanship to transform lawn maintenance efficiency for homeowners and contractors across the UK. From our outstanding Harrier® and Harrier Pro petrol lawnmower ranges to our versatile Osprey models, we have the cutting-edge solution to create a spectacular looking lawn for any sized garden.

Our Harrier® 41 Petrol lawnmower helps create immaculate and beautiful garden stripes with an easy to operate 41cm deck that offers effortless control and precision cutting for small lawns.

With a robust aluminium cutter deck and Blade Brake Clutch, the iconic Harrier® 48 petrol rotary mower allows users to stop the blade and drive the mower across gravel to the next lawn for a seamless mowing experience. As the best petrol lawnmower for medium lawns that are uneven, the Hayter® Osprey 46 features a unique 3 in 1 system that allows users to conveniently switch between collecting, mulching and discharging for effortless lawn maintenance.

Experience simple and enjoyable lawn cutting today with our advanced range of petrol lawnmowers and craft enviable looks for your lawn.


To power our range of premium British lawnmowers, we are proud to offer leading Hayter® lawnmower accessories, fuel treatment and engine oil to ensure that every mowing experience is as seamless as the last. From 60V1 lawnmower batteries, compatible with a range of garden tools including the Toro® String Strimmer, to our heavy-duty abrasion-resistant Lawnmower Cover, we’re proud to supply the essential lawnmower parts and accessories to protect and maintain your Hayter mowers.

Our Premium Fuel Treatment helps uphold reliable engine performance and offers maximum protection against water attracted by ethanol. The treatment comes with a graduated bottle for easy measuring and provides full protection and corrosion prevention for two and four-cycle small engines with every fill-up.

The essential Hayter SAE 30 Engine Oil has been formulated with only premium base stocks and additives. Our SAE engine oil reduces engine deposits and helps minimise molecular shearing to extend the life of your mower.

Discover our unrivalled range of lawnmower parts and accessories and ensure your mower runs with more efficiency than ever before.


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