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Husqvarna Petrol Mowers

Husqvarna LC 140SP

LC 140SP is a self-propelled and easy to use mower, suitable for somewhat smaller lawns. Built with a robust steel cutting deck and a reliable, easy-start Husqvarna engine offering great cutting and collection performance. Soft-grip handle, foldable handlebar, central cutting height adjustment and ball-bearing wheels will give you both an ergonomic and comfortable cutting experience.


Husqvarna LC 151S

Self-propelled lawn mower with three cutting methods

Husqvarna LC 151 is an easy-to-use self-propelled lawn mower with collection, Bioclip® (mulch) and side discharge option, perfectly suited for medium to large-sized lawns. The robust 51 cm steel cutting deck and the reliable and easy-start Husqvarna engine are built to tackle difficult mowing with great cutting results, while the ergonomic handlebar with soft grip offers a less-straining mowing experience. Easily foldable handlebar, convenient bail design and easy-adjust cutting height make every mow simpler. Collect blade leaves fewer clippings on the lawn for a tidy, professional look.


Husqvarna LC 247

Comfortable lawn mower with convenient bag handling

Husqvarna LC 247 is a comfortable, easy to use walk behind lawnmower with excellent cutting performance and top class collection. Features durable composite chassis, rear discharge, convenient bag handling through the handle bar and easy adjust cutting height solution.



Self-propelled lawn mower with collector for large lawns

Self-propelled and easy-to-use, high-quality lawn mower suitable for medium-sized gardens. Husqvarna LC 253S features an ergonomic and easy foldable handlebar, convenient bail removal and easy-adjust cutting height to make every mow simpler. Collect blade leaves less clippings on the lawn for a tidy look. Durable, corrosion-resistant composite chassis and plastic wheels for reducing weight. Powerful and reliable engine for increased performance and less maintenance.




Self-propelled lawn mower with variabel speed

Husqvarna LC 347V is a durable, high-quality lawn mower for easy, practical and comfortable mowing and a perfect lawn. Smart solutions such as folding handles, variable speed and easy cutting height adjustment reduce effort and provide excellent cutting results. The best possible collection leaves less grass clippings on the lawn, making it neat and tidy.




Efficient self-propelled lawn mower for large gardens

High-performing collecting lawn mower designed for efficient mowing in larger gardens. LC 353V is self-propelled, and the drive speed can be adjusted to suit the condition of the lawn. Easy to use with auto choke start, central adjustment of cutting height and easy-to-reach controls. Equipped with a fuel-efficient Husqvarna engine and a 53 cm composite cutting deck.


Husqvarna Professional Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower - LC 451S

This walk-behind mower is ideal for sports clubs, landowners and semi-professionals who need a compact solution. Built with professional-grade components for long-lasting performance, it offers a range of features to enhance comfort and ease of use.


Husqvarna LC 551SP

Husqvarna LC 551SP, a compact yet robust walk behind mower for commercial use. High-specified engine from Kawasaki, large fuel tank and robust double ball bearing wheels with excellent traction. The perfect choice for professionals who need affordable quality with reliable, long lasting performance and outstanding results.



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